mercredi 21 septembre 2011

use imagination in preparing for tsunamis

A Japanese tsunami researcher has told nuclear scientists and experts that it is important to use imagination in preparing for tsunamis and other natural disasters.
Tohoku University Professor Emeritus Nobuo Shuto was speaking on the 2nd day of a conference of Japan's Atomic Energy Society on Tuesday in the western city of Kitakyushu.
About 23 years ago, Professor Shuto published a paper pointing to a risk that a tsunami could disrupt an electrical system at a nuclear power plant.
He called for taking measures even if there was no such damage in the past.Shuto continued calling for preparation for a tsunami that would be beyond prediction, but the call failed to result in implementation of safety measures at Japan's nuclear power plants.
In Tuesday's speech, Shuto said that when he urged power companies to spend money on anti-tsunami measures, they only asked him about the frequency of massive disasters.
He also said tsunami damage depends on geographical features and affected structures, and is hard to predict.Shuto is not a member of the society, but it asked him to lecture on the latest tsunami research and how to improve safety measures at Japan's nuclear plants.
One nuclear scientist said Japan has accumulated studies on tsunamis, so such knowledge should be used to make its nuclear plants safer.

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