lundi 5 décembre 2011

how to clean radioactive materials farmland and forests

Fukushima Prefecture has compiled a policy paper on how to clean radioactive materials farmland and forests, which occupy about 80 percent of the prefecture. Fukushima hosts the damaged nuclear power plant.The prefectural government says the policy aims to ensure that eventually no radioactive cesium will be detected in any farm produce from the prefecture.The policy says that to reach this goal, radiation-absorbing agents will be sprayed onto farmland, and the topsoil scraped off.In orchards, tree bark will be removed and the trees then cleansed with water jet cleaners.The policy aims to cap annual radiation doses in forests at one millisievert.The policy also says the government will try to reduce radioactivity in forests near residential areas by about half in two years. Fallen leaves will be removed on a regular basis from areas up to 20 meters inside the forests' perimeters.Based on the policy, Fukushima Prefecture plans to help individual communities draw up their own decontamination plans.

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